Embedding the Bike Citizens map in your website

Embedding the map works by including an iframe HTML tag into your website. The most basic variant looks like the following:


<iframe src="https://map.bikecitizens.net/embedded?cccode=de-bremen" height="700px" width="100%" frameborder="0"></iframe>

This includes an iframe with the given dimensions¹ to your site in which the Bike Citizens route planer is displayed. The city to be shown is set in the cccode parameter, here the city of Bremen is used as an example. See the list of available cities for the respective city-code of your city.



There are a number of parameters with which one can customize the behaviour of the embedded map.

See a few examples


Parameter Required Description Example Default
cccode true Sets the country/city code of your embedded map. See full list here. cccode=at-graz none
false Preset the address input fields with the given value. addr0 is the start point, addr1 the destination of the route. These two parameters can be set indedendently from each other addr0=Main%20Street%2012&
minutes false If present, the map is started in 5 minutes by bike mode with the given value as the duration in minutes. minutes=5 none
routing_profile false Sets the routing profile. Allowed values are: 0 (easy), 1 (balanced), 2 (fast) routing_profile=2 1
bike_profile false Sets the bike profile. Allowed values are: 0 (mountain bike), 1 (city bike), 2 (road bike) bike_profile=0 1
false Set the initial center of the map position by providing latitude and longitude coordinates lat=47.135&lon=9.52 city center
zoom false Set the initial zoom level for the map. An integer that goes from 0 to 19 zoom=15 13


It is possible to have a branded version of the Bike Citizens map which better integrates into your website. To learn more about this, contact us at dev@bikecitizens.net.

See an example of this here


  • ¹ the height of the iframe should not be less than 550px, otherwise input controls may not work as expected